The Rockdale Citizen - Wednesday, September 20

"Singer-songwriter Jessica Urick has been known to do some rowdy rockin' when she and her band Four Story hit the stage, but make no mistake about it - this 20-year old chanteause is country to the core...With her cheerful countenance, her determined work ethic and her made-for-country voice, it's likely audiences will take notice of Jessica Urick for years to come..."

Smiths Olde Bar, July 24th, 2006

Jessica Urick, a rising star in the local country music scene, has accomplished quite a bit since the start of her professional career in 2005.She impressed the judges of the Colgate Country Showdown (so much so that she won the state title), has performed at fundraisers such as Relay For Life, and contributed vocals for bands such as Grayson Manor. She shows no signs of slowing down, either her first full-length album is being released this fall, and more shows are being planned every day. Along with her band Four Story, Urick has crafted a sound that, while edgy, is still accessible and her fanbase grows with every performance.

On July 24th Jessica and Four Story performed at Smiths Olde Bar, and from the moment the curtain opened, it was evident she felt right at home on stage. Performing songs from her EP, True Lady as well as material from her upcoming album she won the crowd over with a balance of impressive musicianship and sassy vocals. Four Story themselves had a clean, balanced sound. It was evident that they not just Uricks backing band; they were an integral part of the show. The solos and backing vocals complimented her performance well, never feeling out of place or overwhelming.

Songs such as Cruel Girl and You Wanna Talk About Love proved that Urick is an invigorating new talent in country music. Many of her songs demonstrated that she wasnt only influenced by the country music genre, though; there were hints of rock and even funk sprinkled throughout her performance (in one song, she even affectionately referred to it as funktry). Urick has found a way to fuse the sounds of artists as varied as Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton into something unique and fresh.

While the music was outstanding, the most endearing part of the show was Urick herself. There was a sense of excitement stemming from her which seemed to infect the crowd, bringing about smiles and applause. For her, it was just as much an honor to play for the crowd as it was for them to see her perform. In a day and age where so many performers take playing for an audience for granted, Urick brings a youthful sense of spirit to the stage.

If her performance at Smiths Olde Bar is any indication, Jessica Urick and Four Story have a bright future ahead of them. Its easy to see why people come to see her perform. Be sure to catch her next time she is in your area youll be glad you did.

~ Andrew J. Dubois (writer for Atlanta Rock