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Top 10 Of The Week - August 20th

10: Tiffany Milagro - "Savannah"

9: Ludacris - "Georgia"

8: Rachel Little - "Fall In Love With Me"

7: Zac Brown Band - "Reality"

6: Georgia Satellites - "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

5: Rehab - "Mrs. Jones"

4: Rickey Fitzpatrick - "Ballad of Billy The Kid"

3: Drive By Truckers - "My Sweet Annette"

2: Corey Smith - "Maybe Next Year"

1: Luke Bryan - "All My Friends Say"

*top 10 based on Requests, music sales from the website and overall sales, and the overall reaction to the song when its played.

-Didn't like the 10? Request your favorite and listen daily for "The G Code" to earn double requests for your favorite artist the whole day!

***NOTE: If you have been having trouble connecting to the station, make sure you have the newest updated version of whatever player (Windows Media, Itunes, Win Amp etc) you are using to listen. Most updates are free. You MUST have a broadband connection to listen***

Top 10 Songs Of The Week

10: Rachel Farley - "Being Gone"

9: Atlanta Rythem Section - "Doraville"

8: Ray Charles - "I got a woman"

7: Rehab - "Mrs. Jones"

6: Widespread Panic - "Walk On (Live)"

5: Rollin in The Hay - "Atlantic City"

4: Ludacris - "Southern Hospitality"

3: Jerry Reed - "East Bound and Down"

2: Drive By Truckers - "Outfit"

1: Maybe Next Year - "Maybe Next Year" (2nd week in a row)

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The Latest Top 10 Georgia Music

#10: "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" - The Georgia Satellites

# 9: "Gangsta Slave" - Ishues

# 8: "Ms Jones" - Rehab

# 7: "It's A Man's World" - James Brown

# 6: "Wonders Never Cease" - Kellee Gooch

# 5: "I'm No Hank Williams" - Corey Smith

# 4: "When We Were Kids" - Ludacris

# 3: "Coconuts" - Widespread Panic

# 2: "Outfit" - Drive-By Truckers

# 1: "Maybe Next Year" - Corey Smith

*This ranking is based on requests to the station, and Blog Talk Radio show, as well as personal requests from friends of the Jukebox.

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What's Changed?

We are now able to play the same music any other radio station would play. Of course, we're still more selective but we can now play major label acts, and we can play songs without the artists written consent. Basically, we're now paying Royalties through BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP via Live 365

Will We still Play Corey Smith, Ishues, Blackberry Smoke, Jessica Urick and Morgan Seachris?

Actually, we should be playing more of these artists now. We're not limited to an hour a week, like we were before.